Conserving the Environment this Holiday Season

I love the Christmas holidays. However, I understand this time of the year can be detrimental to the environment. Do you want to protect the environment for your children and future generations? Consider practicing environmentally-friendly tips during the hectic holiday season. For instance, think about wrapping all of your gifts in recycled materials. Instead of investing in a real Christmas tree, buy an artificial one. You can enjoy putting it up for many years to come. You might also want to limit the amount of lights you decorate with, or avoid using holiday lights altogether. On this blog, I hope you will discover more tips to help you protect the environment.

Answers To Your Questions About Residential Energy Storage Systems

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When it comes to the electricity grid, it is an extremely complex system that requires the supply and demand of power to be equal at all times. There are constant adjustments that must be made to the supply in order to meet the demand, such as your daily patterns of activity as well as any unexpected alterations in your patterns or changes in equipment overload, such as from storms. Residential energy storage systems play an important role in this balancing and it helps to create a more flexible as well as reliable power system. For example, when there is more demand than supply, power can be supplied from a storage energy system.

 Can Energy Storage Systems Reduce Power Costs?

The short answer is yes. The long answer depends on how often you have to convert to the storage system to supply your power. If you currently live off the grid and rely solely on solar energy to power you will definitely benefit from solar energy. However, in most situations power costs are zero to significantly lower with solar energy, may power costs will slightly increase if there isn't enough solar energy to power your home and you rely on the local power company to provide service when your system is unable to. This is where solar energy storage systems come into play. A storage system will store additional energy for your use when you otherwise would not have access to solar power.

Does Residential Energy Storage Systems Provide Clean Energy?

Yes. There are no direct emissions from energy storage. There are no pipelines required for residential or industrial energy storage and the system typically requires only very minimal footprint. The system recycles electricity as well as reduce emissions by taking more of a load off tradition energy generation (namely through your power company).

What are the Benefits of Residential Energy Storage Systems?

One of the best benefits of energy storage is its quick response. For example, most storage systems can begin discharging stored energy for power right away, while other sources, such as fossil fuel sources tend to take longer to power up. Energy storage also becomes extremely more important the further you are away from the electrical grid. Other benefits of energy storage include:

  • Backup in the case of power outages
  • Substantial savings on energy costs
  • Energy independence
  • Clean energy

What are the Different Energy Storage System Options?

There are several options available for energy storage systems, including:

  • Thermal storage
  • Compressed air
  • Hydrogen
  • Pumped hydroelectric storage
  • Flywheels
  • Batteries

Solar energy is beneficial for a wide array of reasons; from saving money on energy costs to saving energy for future generations. Whether you have solar energy resources already in place or are considering an installation, residential solar energy storage systems are an added bonus for your solar energy use, especially those who live totally off the grid.

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26 May 2017