Conserving the Environment this Holiday Season

I love the Christmas holidays. However, I understand this time of the year can be detrimental to the environment. Do you want to protect the environment for your children and future generations? Consider practicing environmentally-friendly tips during the hectic holiday season. For instance, think about wrapping all of your gifts in recycled materials. Instead of investing in a real Christmas tree, buy an artificial one. You can enjoy putting it up for many years to come. You might also want to limit the amount of lights you decorate with, or avoid using holiday lights altogether. On this blog, I hope you will discover more tips to help you protect the environment.

Solar Panel Bracket Options For Homeowners

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If you've been considering investing in solar panels for your house, one of the things you need to decide is how you'll mount the panels. While some homeowners choose to install them as roof panels so that they are flat and integrated into the roof, there are several other methods of mounting them. Here's a look at a few of the ways that you can mount your solar panels to help you choose the best one for your home.

Ground Mounting

Like the name implies, ground mounts for solar panels secure directly into the ground on your property. These are best for areas where you have plenty of land without any tree cover. The mount is a frame that's designed for durability. You can choose from many different panel capacities depending on how many solar panels you want to install.

When you're looking at ground mounts, you need to decide how you want to position them. Some mounts keep the panels in a fixed position. While this is great for the time of the year when the panels are in the direct sunlight, it doesn't do much for the times of year when the sun shifts. That means the panels won't be running at full efficiency all year long. You can opt instead for mounts with sensors that shift the panels along with the sun for optimal efficiency.

Pole Mounting

If you don't have a clear space for ground mounts, a pole-mount system is a great alternative. The solar panel frames mount to the top of a single reinforced pole, allowing you to put several panels in the air, facing different directions.

Pole mounts elevate the panels several feet overhead. This is ideal if you have sandy soil that won't support the panels in a ground mount or a roof that won't hold the panels securely.  You can even install tracking systems to monitor the movement of the sun or add tilt hinges so you can adjust the pole as necessary.

Roof Mounting

Roof mounts are the most common type of solar panel mount. These are typically secured to the roof in a position for maximum sun exposure. The solar panel installation technician will monitor your roof for several days to find the areas where the sunlight lasts the longest so that you get the most benefit from your investment. He or she will then place the brackets in those spaces to keep the panels positioned where they'll get that light.

You may need to have the roof reinforced if you do this. The panels can be heavy, so you'll want to be sure that the roof is strong enough to hold up. Your solar panel technician will reach out to a roofer if needed for reinforcement. Contact a company like AAA Solar Source to learn more about your solar panel installation options.


27 January 2017