Conserving the Environment this Holiday Season

I love the Christmas holidays. However, I understand this time of the year can be detrimental to the environment. Do you want to protect the environment for your children and future generations? Consider practicing environmentally-friendly tips during the hectic holiday season. For instance, think about wrapping all of your gifts in recycled materials. Instead of investing in a real Christmas tree, buy an artificial one. You can enjoy putting it up for many years to come. You might also want to limit the amount of lights you decorate with, or avoid using holiday lights altogether. On this blog, I hope you will discover more tips to help you protect the environment.

Discover Simple Ways To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Mice In Your Home

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Have mice recently made their way inside of your home? You may have no idea how they got inside the home, but you want to make sure you can take as many steps as possible to get rid of them. Living with mice is certainly not fun because they can get into your food, leave mouse droppings everywhere, and even start gnawing on electrical wires around the home. Although these pests are pesky, you can take action quickly to remove mice from your home and make sure they do not even think about coming back.

Caulk Holes Inside the Home

You may want to start taking steps to control these pests by looking around the home for any small holes. Not only should you look around on the wall in areas behind the refrigerator and the stove, but you should also get down on the floor and look around the wall trim. Because mice are extremely flexible, they can easily squeeze themselves into the smallest holes. Even if you think the hole is too small for them to get inside the home, you should still seal it up with some caulk. The caulk will dry fast and possibly keep those mice from getting back inside your home from wherever they were originally coming from.

Use a Natural Peppermint Oil Spray Daily

Mice are known to hate the scent of peppermint oil because it is quite strong for them. Mice often use their nose to help them find their family members as well as any food they plan on eating for the day. They are often able to find their family members using their nose because they all leave a trail that other mice can easily smell. If you are spraying peppermint oil down on the floor and against the walls on a daily basis, it becomes harder for them to find other mice and food. It could keep them from wanting to stay in your home. You can make the spray by combining water in a bottle with peppermint oil. The spray should smell like pure peppermint when you have finished combining the two ingredients.

Bring the Pest Control Specialists in for Help

If you are still having trouble with mice after caulking holes and using a peppermint oil spray, it may be the right time to get help from the pest control specialists. They can look both inside the home and directly outside the home to check for any passages that may be allowing these mice to get into your home. If they find any holes, they can quickly seal them up. The pest control specialists can even put out some traps with bait attached in specific areas of your home to catch these pests for good.

Having mice in the home is frustrating, but it is not impossible to get rid of them. You can caulk any holes, use a peppermint oil spray, and even get some additional help from pest control specialists with this problem.


27 December 2016